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If you're looking for new and up to date microsoft technologies to learn, you can find and learn them in our courses. All of our programming courses combine theory with examples and hands-on exercises, offering a unique opportunity for our students to learn and enjoy the art of programming. We will develop many real world projects from beginning to end. At the end of each course you will be confident that you understand the basics of each technology, not only in theory, but also with sound real world experiences. Don't forget to check posts every day, because we add a new free .NET note almost daily.

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Salah Akbari


Teaching .NET Technologies

Master of Software EngineerDecember 2014


All of our programming courses is for those of you who are eager to get started with microsoft .NET and want a classroom that is practical and rich with examples from the very beginning. If you are interested in participating in our courses simply send an e-mail to contacts@akdotnet.com. Please check all courses in the following list (All are based on the .NET Framework):


Desktop Programming


Web Design








Web Services


Other Technologies



The Programmer's Profile

a place for measuring student knowledge and skills (a framework for assessment)

Every student in our classes has a profile. An essential feature of a student's profile is that it shows growth. So you can compare yourself today and yourself one year ago or one month ago or even one day ago. Also you can compare yourself to the top students. This measurement assessment is based on your scores. Total score is a rough measurement of you. It is earned by your activity in the class, including asking questions, answering, posting a good article in the site and more. The more score you earn, the more rank you gain. You can view your score over time (All,monthly,daily). Monitor your learning process can extend and enrich the learning process.


Microsoft .NET Framework

.NET Framework Developer • March 2006

We cover .NET Framework as well as the related technologies. Microsoft .NET Framework is designed to provide an environment within which you can develop almost any application to run on Windows (However, by using mono we can create cross platform applications easily), whereas C# is a programming language designed specifically to work with the .NET Framework. By using C#, you can, for example, write a dynamic web page, a Windows Presentation Foundation application, an XML web service, a component of a distributed application, a database access component, a classic Windows desktop application, or even a new smart client application that enables online and offline capabilities.

Super Cool Visual Studio

Why we are using visual studio as development environment?

Microsoft Visual Studio is arguably the most advanced integrated development environment (IDE) available for programmers today. When you are developing on the Microsoft platform, Visual Studio offers you a range of powerful tools and makes the entire process easier and faster.



The Main Skills:

.NET Framework C#.NET WCF Sql Server WPF Linq To SQL
.NET Core ASP.NET MVC TFS SQL Express MVVM Entity Framework
OOP Design Patterns jQuery HTML / HTML5 / XHTML CSS3 JavaScript
AJAX SignalR WinForms ASP.NET Web Forms XNA N-Tier architecture
MVP T-SQL Multi Threading Parallel Programming XML C++
AngularJS LINQ ADO.NET Web Service Unit Test Sql Server CE
ReactJS EF Code First XAML SQLite Npgsql PostgreSQL

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    Steve Jobs
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    Bill Gates

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